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My first blog post - How I create the blog

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Marcos Mendes and I will try to write about How I do things, mostly related with technical stuff, either creating and deploying a simple web page, or creating a full application. I want to start this series with (obviously) how I created this blog, how I update it and how it is deployed in the current url ( I will try to mention every part of how I’ve done it. If I miss anything just let me know. Lets get started! In short, this blog is hosted in my raspberry pi, created with Hugo and binario theme. For how I started it, very simple, install hugo, run it, create a blog post, and confirm everything is working! To use it in my installed in my raspberry, and as a subdomain of my main page, I use cloudflare, github and netlify for automatic production deployment. This is the flow for editing and push it into production:

  • Make the needed changes, or a new blog post
  • hugo (to compile)
  • git add .
  • git commit -m “commit text”
  • git push origin master

And then netlify will deploy it automatically into production

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Marcos Mendes
I'm a technical support engineer from Espinho, Portugal. I'm a freelance fullstack developer, technology enthusiast and raspberry pi builder. My other interests include sports (crossfit, squash, football and running), travelling and blockchain.